Strategic Partnerships
We have a number of key partnership and sponsorship opportunities that can be tailored to your business. Via special contests run on SiBBiL, we can get your business in front of a tailored audience with known tangible interests – just think, you can reach thousands of people who are all watching the SuperBowl, Oscars, or Political Debates.

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Through our daily SiBBs -forecasting questions that are the basis of SiBBiL- we allow you to create your own questions and view the data in real-time to gain a pulse on what the world is thinking about news events as they unfold.

Gamified Processes
Allow us to turn your business processes into a game that will get all your employees on board and invested. Our framework could be applied to thousands of situations – training, sales target support, feedback loops, and so much more. You tell us your need and we’ll provide a solution that will get the results while making it fun for the whole company.

Crowd Intelligence
Our dynamic data intelligence platform calls upon users to forecast major global events in multiple areas of interest including politics, sports, entertainment, culture, etc. We then collect data intelligence generated by our users, and generate granular reports customized to the needs of our clients. This data, combined with businesses own traditional methods of forecasting, will only enhance their management’s decision making process. Due to the uniqueness of our system, we have a never-before-seen profile insights into our users, based not only on the typical data sets that other sources provide, but but interests and intelligence levels as well.

Custom Polling
Let us create custom polls to get a pulse of what our diverse user base has to say or use our API to integrate with your website or app.